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How To Do Quick Coils On A TWA With A Sponge


So you made the decision to go natural and you are currently rocking a teeny weeny afro or TWA.

This is actually quite celebrated in the natural hair community because it’s the usual methods women take to start their natural hair journey: cut the damaged or perm hair off and start with completely al naturel.

But the only problem some women may have with the TWA style is that is extremely short. Some women are scared of looking too boyish or unfeminine with a TWA.

Often times, TWAs are hard to maintain, believe it or not. A TWA style can get dry very fast, the scalp can get irritated a lot easier since there is no longer hair shaft to protect the follicle and it can be hard to style because of its length.

But there is a very simple method to getting a TWA looking very uniformed and adorable and it involves an everyday item in your kitchen that probably costs less than $1.

A sponge.

The sponge methods for TWA is actually something folks with dreadlocks started to use to start locks a lot faster. But since women of the natural hair world have caught on to the quick efficiency of the sponge method, it has become far more popular.

Stylists starting dreadlocks would simply lightly damp the hair, rub some hair or twisting cream onto the sponge and massage the sponge in circles all over the scalp, creating near perfect coils.

There is no special type of sponge. You can purchase one from Wal Mart that will achieve the desired look for you.

Here are the steps to take for creating twists on a TWA with a sponge:

  1. Make sure you indeed are rocking a TWA. You may not achieve the right results with longer hair.
  2. Wet the hair lightly. A mild spritz of leave in conditioner or water should be fine.
  3. Take the sponge and place some curling conditioner on it.
  4. Massage the sponge onto your TWA in circular motions. The hair will start coiling on its own.
  5. Rock your coils proudly!

And of course, the twists are not meant to be permanently unless you want them to be. You can comb them out anytime you’d like.

Here is a great video of a woman demonstrating how she uses the sponge method for her TWA.

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  • Mark

    Hello everyone,
    For starter locs with the sponge how often can it be used? I don’t like going to work all nappy looking so I touch it up in the morning. Also don’t won’t to do it too much

  • Mark

    (Starter locs)
    Hey when I was mowing the front and back lawn this morning I sweated so bad that like 90% of them came undone almost completely. Does that mean that the locn process is going to restart?

  • Tina L Van Ochten

    This was wonderful! So much so I posted it on my page.

    I’m a cancer survivor who is returning to work after a year of treatments and surgery. I didn’t want a style that required a lot of maintenance (I had a breast cancer surgery, so reaching up and styling for a long time is painful).

    But the sponge method gives me exactly what I wanted for zero dollars and not a lot of time. This is fantastic.

    Thank you for sharing this.