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Top Natural Heat Protectants

5 Natural Hair Protectants for Your Natural Hair. Number four is absolute gold. Read more at via @naturalhairmag

It is very important to have heat protection on your hair during extreme heat.

This can be from curling and flat irons or even when sitting under a dryer for several minutes.

A good ol’ fashion hot comb can be horror on your hair if the hair is not properly protected. In fact, heat damage is one of the leading ways for naturals to experience breakage.

Hair is no match to extreme heat and it will singe right off in front of your eyes. That’s why it is important to use only low to medium heat ONLY for your styling.

The protectant conditions the hair while creating a fortitude around the shaft from extremities. The idea is the heat “rolls” right off the protectant, while delivering just enough heat to accomplish the style.

Some common names you will see as a heat protectant in the haircare isle include serums, hair gloss or the product may directly indicate it is a protectant.

But some women may not want to be bothered with some of these products because of the chemicals they are loaded with. Common chemicals found in commercial heat protectants include mineral oil, alcohol and polysorbate.

There are some natural hair product lines with wonderful heat protectants. Many leave-in conditioners can serve as a heat protectant as long as it coats the hair.

But there are many natural heat protectants you can take advantage of. Almost any oil you use on your hair will serve as an excellent heat protectant because the very natural of oil coats your hair until it is wiped off or completely absorbed into your hair follicles.

Let’s review some popular oils that serve as great protectors from extreme heat.

  1. Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is the granddaddy of all oils when it comes to natural hair care. It is a hard carrier oil, which means it carries other nutrients into the hair before settling into the hair follicle itself. During that time, coconut oil coats, conditions and moisturizes hair very well, making it a premiere heat protectant.


  1. Olive Oil. If coconut oil is the granddaddy, olive oil is the prince. This is a softer oil that is absorbed into the skin quicker than coconut oil. However, it can still be treated as a carrier oil, and as such a protectant, as it is heavier than most other oils.


  1. Grapeseed Oil. This is a lighter oil than the previous two, but it’s a great option as a conditioner and protectant. It is extremely stable at unusually high temperatures, making it a go-to oil for extreme heat.


  1. Argan Oil. The only down side about organic argan oil is that it is EXPENSIVE. But it is often described as “liquid gold” for skin and haircare. It is high in healthy fats, making it an ideal conditioner for strenuous styling.


  1. Avocado Oil. This is another soft oil, loaded with healthy fats. It’s soft properties make it easily absorbed into the skin. Used as a leave-in conditioner, it leaves hair amazingly soft. That’s what makes avocado oil a useful heat protectant.

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