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Spring Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Spring time is FINALLY here! And it’s time to think about wha Spring hairstyles I want to rock for the next several months!

Depending on how you feel about protective styling, wigs and extensions, your decision could a simple one or a difficult one. Simple because if you are anti-weave, just stick with twists, but complex if you are open to options.

Personally, I am growing in love with Pixie cuts. I had one eons ago but I think with my active single parenting, freelance writing, book writing and full time working life, the last thing I want to concern myself with is my hair!

Tyra Banks introduces her new cut.

Tyra Banks introduces her new cut.

Check out Tyra Banks’s latest hair cut: the pixie. It looks adorable on her!

And no you don’t have to sacrifice your growth for a pixie cut. Wigs come in all styles, including short cuts.

However, if you do not want to go pixie for the spring and summer, no sweat. Consider the other popular hairstyles for summer:

  • Senegalese twists: Can be any size and length as long as they are done well and maintained properly. Can last for up to 2 months or more depending on care.
  • Normal twists: It’s be real: you likely are not going to want to deal with getting your braided, let alone paying to get it done. So, a simple 2 strand twist style throughout the summer is quick, free and effective.
  • Crochet braids: Like any other style, proper maintenance will allow a crochet style last for several weeks.

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