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Why Women With TWA Styles Make Great Girlfriends

TWA style

One of the biggest complaints women have about doing the BC (big chop) and rocking a TWA is if they will look appealing.

In the media, some of the most sensationalized women who represent black women in the natural hair movement aren’t that natural at all!

Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are all priorities to much of the entertaining and fashion worlds, but they all have trademark wigs and weaves that helped propel their careers. They are certainly gorgeous and talented, but they ain’t rocking TWAs either!

How many celebrities can you think of right off the top of your heads that rock a short, natural style? Alicia Keys chopped her locks off earlier this year, wearing an adorable bob style. Solange Knowles has always embraced her natural tresses far more than her superstar sister.

Bottom line, there are not a lot of TWAs out there that get super stardom attention.

However, this is not to say all men desire a woman with long, natural (or maybe unnatural) hair.

In fact, there are many selling points a gorgeous natural with a TWA can take advantage of that their long-haired counterparts can not, making them ideal girlfriends.

1. It does not take you 3 hours to get your hair did! You may still spend time on getting that perfect freak’dem dress for your date with your man (some guys appreciate you taking the extra effort) spending hours in the bathroom trying to curl long locks of hair can be a chore and a bother for you and your ate.

2. It doesn’t get in the way during intimacy. You don’t have to worry about wrapping it up for the night!

3. Your hairstyle shows you are not stuck on looks. Most natural girls go natural with their hair and with other things in life.  It seems like a woman with a natural cut just seems to have a better identify with herself, which can redefine her confidence. And confidence is sexy as hell!

4. You can dedicate more time with him. Before the TWA, you were probably studying, at work or in a salon somewhere! And those salon prices can rack up! With a TWA, you can do your own moisturizing and washing, making more time to dedicate to strengthening your relationship with him and other things important in your life.

5. You’re thrifty. You don’t spend tons of (his) money on unnecessary and ineffective products every week. The average woman spends thousands on beauty products yearly. A woman with a TWA can slash that in half or even more since she has a beautiful but low maintenance style.

6.  You don’t  clog up his sink with gunks of dirty hair! As gross as it may sound, you don’t like to clean that sucker out! Neither does he! With a TWA style, the problem is solved!


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