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The Best Healthy Hair Regimen for Naturalistas

Written By Venus L

In terms of maintaining healthy natural hair, there are few elements more important than that of your hair care regimen. Especially vital for Naturalistas, learning to properly care for your natural hair can be a challenge as many of the mainstream products are designed specifically for weaves, wigs, and permed hair. Moreover, although there is an emerging movement in terms of natural hair care products, this movement is still relatively in its beginning stages. Therefore, many of the products are too new to be considered safe and reliable and it is often left up to each Naturalista to pick and choose which products not only work well but also, which products work well together. With that said, if you are seeking some simple suggestions and solutions in terms of caring for your natural tresses, keep reading.

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Perhaps one of the most imperative elements of every natural hair care regimen, selecting the proper products is the crux of your hair care habits. Choosing products that are as natural and organic as possible is your best bet. Given that chemicals are what every Naturalista is seeking to get away from, piling on products filled with random, toxic ingredients can cause a variety of damage to the hair and scalp. What’s more, be mindful not to become a product junkie. While layering products is perfectly fine, and at times, preferable, be sure that the products you use have a purpose that makes sense. For instance, using an oil before applying a curl butter could make sense. On the flip side, using three different oils and two kinds of butter is certainly overkill.

Shampoos and Conditioners 

While the old wives tale that dirty hair grows better has caused many black women to skimp on the water, shampoo, and conditioner, keeping your hair clean is actually essential to maintain healthy natural hair. By washing your hair at a minimum of once weekly (keeping in mind that you can, sometimes, opt to co-wash rather than washing with shampoo) you will be ensuring that your hair and scalp are clean and free of clogs and build up caused by supplies. However, for those with extremely dry hair or hair that doesn’t respond well to frequent washing, bi-weekly washes may also be acceptable.

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Styling Selections 

Next, the method in which you choose to style your hair is also very vital to the hair health of every Naturalista. Choosing heat-free methods of styling is one of the best ways to preserve the health of your natural hair. This is due to the fact that heat can cause drying and breakage of the hair. What’s more, choosing protective styles, or styles that allow the hair to rest for days or weeks at a time, is a great way to prevent damage while promoting growth. For more information about protective styles, click here!


Another step that many Naturalistas tend to skip, keeping your hair trimmed is a great way to prevent damage by getting rid of split ends and other forms of damaged hair. Whether you go to a trusted stylist or opt to trim it yourself, trimming your ends, at least once monthly, can help to keep your hair healthy and growing. For more information on hair trimming as well as how to do-it-yourself, click here!

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Nightly Rituals 

Lastly, your nightly rituals are one of the most important elements of every Naturalista’s hair care regimen. By doing things such as oiling your scalp, re-twisting that twist out, pinning down hair that may be loose and free-flowing, tying your hair down with a satin or silk scarf, among other things, you will ensure that your hair remains strong and healthy not only from one day to the next, but consistently and over long periods of time.

Overall, developing your natural hair care regimen is a matter as personal as that of your bathing rituals. Effected by unique variables such as the amount of time you have, the products you use, your hair texture, the climate you live in, the present season or whether you are experiencing, and an array of other factors, there are no hard and fast rules in terms of creating your regimen. What’s most important, is that you stick to the things that work, stop doing the things that don’t, and never be afraid to try a new product or styling method as it just may be all you need to take your hair health to the next level.

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